About Hooters Asia

Home For The Casual American Dining & Sports Bar, bringing you Hot Wings, Juicy Burgers, Fresh Seafood, Beers and the World-Famous Hooters Girls.

Welcome to the official Hooters Asia website. We’ll start off by saying our mission to always keep our guest’s priorities first. From the moment you walk in the door, you’re treated like family. Whether it’s a business lunch or a group who came to watch a sports event, we believe you deserve American-themed, clean restaurants, great tasting food (especially our chicken wings) and our signature Hooters hospitality, all in a high-energy atmosphere.

Building on Hooters’ legacy of hot wings, seafood and sandwiches, we’ve been aggressively elevating the experience to the top of the food chain by evolving our menu to include a delicious selection of appetizers, fresh salads, hearty sandwiches and signature burgers. In addition to our ice-cold beer selection, we’ve expanded our beverage menu to include a variety of specialty drinks, wine and cocktails.

And we didn’t stop with the food and drinks. We like sports as much as you, so we installed more bigger, badder, flatter screens. Wherever you’re sitting, you’ll have front row seats to the game.

Hooters Restaurant History

For a look into the History history as a global brand, click here. Hooters Asia has been run by the Destination Eats Group over the last twenty years. Taking the same recipe that helped the Hooters brand grow into an international sensation, Hooters Asia focuses on hospitality, amazing American classics, and the entertaining Hooters Girls.

original Hooters
Hero Shot Menu Variety

Why Choose Hooters Asia

We’ve taken mouth watering fried chicken wing recipes, ice-cold beer, and all the sports you could possibly want and crammed them into each of our locations. Top that off with Hooters Girls making sure you’re having the best time possible and you’ve got a great time, all the time.

Classic American Fun in Southeast Asia

Destination Eats is proud to be running Hooters Asia in seven locations across Thailand and Indonesia. We’re constantly delivering the same hospitality across the board and we’re excited for an opportunity to impress anyone who hasn’t yet been to a Hooters outlet.
Great Food and Fun
Destination Kids

We’re All About Community

Destination Eats is all about giving back to the community and to those in need of support. All Hooters outlets support the Destination Kids Foundation, and we’ve raised over $25,000 to date. In addition to donating to this foundation, we are constantly looking for ways to raise money to give back to the cities that have so graciously let us open up shop in them

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