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Hooters is very active in sports marketing and local promotions so you’ve probably seen our logo plastered on something in your community. If you would like to present a marketing, advertising or sponsorship proposal please send us a written request at Hooters of America, Inc., attn: Marketing, 1815 The Exchange, Atlanta, GA 30339. Hooters does not respond to verbal requests, so make sure your proposal is in writing. Due to the hundreds of contacts we receive each week we cannot respond to all of them, but rest assured if your proposal is a good one we’ll be in touch.

We have a long tradition of giving back to the communities we live and work in, and enjoy sponsoring charity events. Please contact the general manager of the Hooters in your city to discuss involvement. The best time to see a manager is from 3-4 p.m. Monday – Thursday.

Hooters Girls spice up any event and they are available if the event meets our criteria and can be scheduled in advance. Hooters Girls make appearances at charity fundraisers, sales meetings, conventions, festivals, etc. Contact the general manager of your nearest Hooters for details. The best time to see a manager is from 3-4 p.m. Monday – Thursday.

The home page of this site has a list of current promotions. However, not all locations will be listed. Since we became this giant corporation-type thing we have restaurants all over the world and we can’t list everything going on Totoplay. Calling your local Hooters is the best way to get an up-to-date list. You may obtain a Hooters restaurant’s phone number on this site’s locator.


Due to many factors affecting a restaurant’s construction we cannot accurately identify opening dates so we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We add new locations to our store locator so you can easily check to see if a Hooters restaurant opened recently near you.

Building a restaurant and getting permits and licenses is a tough job. Taking a page from a bureaucrat’s book, we cannot confirm or deny if we are coming to your city until the restaurant is well underway. By then you’ll know it’s a Hooters. Please note: no one at our Hooters Hotline will be able to answer this question, so please save yourself time by not asking them.


If you have a bunch of money and have multi-restaurant operational experience the answer may be yes. We provide specific details on the “Franchising” page of this site under the About section.

We’ll sell you just about anything we have, except stock. At this time there are no plans to take the company public. If the yacht and private jet payments get too big the owners may think about raising a little moolah by going public, but don’t bank on it. Why mess with a good thing?


Click “Locations” and magically you’ll be able to get addresses and phone numbers for every Hooters restaurant.

At Hooters we make our food fresh for you and are constantly adding new items to our menu. You can find the most current version of our nutritional information here, and there’s also a link at the bottom of this page.

Because the menu is always changing and we frequently improve items by using new ingredients it is impossible to provide a complete list. For your safety please avoid any foods which may typically contain allergens that would affect your condition.

The only way you can guarantee Hooters branded items are authentic is to purchase them at a Hooters restaurant or online from Many people offer gift cards, coupons and wing party cards on Ebay and other auction sites, but they may not be legitimate items. We would hate to see you spend your hard earned money on a gift card or other offer online and have it turn out to be worthless so we do not recommend you purchase Hooters branded products through auction sites.

Yes! Head over to our Gift Cards page to buy securely online.

If you have Hooters merchandise that doesn’t fit or is defective you may return it to the place you purchased it for exchange. If you purchased it online through this site you can go to and get specific instructions by clicking “Contact Us”.

You betcha. Hooters wings, buffalo shrimp, sandwiches and salads are great for to-go orders and big events. Contact your nearest Hooters restaurant for details and pricing.

The Hooters Girl is every bit as special and coveted to us as she is to you. As a result, the Hooters Girl uniform is only available to actively employed Hooters Girls. We are very protective of our girls and our brand. We do, however, offer the classic Hooters Girl orange shorts. We also sell a ribbed tank top and the lycra tank top just like our girls wear. Name tags, pouches, and panty hose are not available to the public. For these and other items please go to

You may obtain more information about the Hooters grocery store line of food products by visiting The six geniuses that started this thing in the first place sell these products directly.


There is a tremendous amount of information about Hooters under the “Company” tab of the home page. Included in this section is the “About Hooters” media statement. Through the years, we’ve been asked lots of questions and we used that experience to compile this statement. If you have a question chances are it is answered in these pages.

Only if you promise there really is film in the camera. All requests to visit restaurants must be approved through Hooters of America Public Relations. Media personnel are not permitted to go in the kitchen area and may not film/photograph in the restrooms (this should be self-explanatory). For approval, contact Hooters Public Relations at

Hooters makes every attempt to accommodate requests for media interviews; whether by phone, in-studio or on-site at one of our many Hooters locations. For all media inquiries and requests, please email the Hooters public relations team at Make sure to visit our newsroom often to learn more about the latest campaigns and happenings at Hooters!


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