Our Menu Recommendation

Hooters known as Best Chicken Wings it Self. And now we’re located in all around Thailand to serve you our best Chicken Wings and Best Hamburger

Best Hamburger

  • Western BBQ Burger – 399 THB
  • Twisted Texas Melt Burger – 399 THB
  • Bleu Cheese & Bacon Burger – 399 THB
  • The Big Hootie Burger – 499 THB

Or build the Hamburger exactly how you like. Handcrafted double Patty wonders featuring a great new taste we promise will make your mouth a happy place.

Best Chicken Wings

  • Hooters Original Wings
  • Hooters Naked Wings
  • Daytona Wings
  • Hooters Boneless Wings

Variety prices on each, depends on how many pcs of Chicken Wings would you have. 
We serve 6 pcs, 10 pcs, 15 pcs, 20 pcs, 50 pcs.

Best Taco

  • Hooters Original Buffalo Chicken Tacos – 249 THB
  • Baja Grilled Fish Tacos – 299 THB
  • Baja Grilled Shrimp Tacos – 399 THB